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Comprising the preface and illuminative history of
the lives of John and Matilda Morris and family in South Wales and England
1811 to 1885

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Comprising a description of the lives and families of the daughters of John and Matilda Morris;
Mary (Morris) Jones, Harriet (Morris) Myler, Margaret (Morris) Simcox/James, and Maria (Morris) Morgan
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Dear family

Please feel welcome to send me any feedback, corrections, or suggestions for added information that you may have. This is a large undertaking and new details are always emerging. You may know something that I do not. This story is far from complete and I will continue to update and add things over time.

You can use the Contact link to send a message, or I can be reached directly at

Part II will go into more detail about the lives of Joshua’s sisters and their families. Part III will cover Joshua’s life from 1885 to his death in 1937. Part IV (if I ever get there) will consist of the lives of Joshua’s eight children, their children, and so on, as much as possible.

I will also soon be placing, in a separate section, images of all of the primary documents I have used, including censuses, birth, marriage, and death certificates, letters, etc.

Thank you and enjoy!

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