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John Morris + Matilda Williams and family

dowlais, Wales to middlesbrough, England, 1811 – 1886

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the daughters of John & Matilda Morris

Mary (Morris) Jones, Harriet (Morris) Myler,
Margaret (Morris) Simcox James, & Maria (Morris) Morgan
from immigration to death

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Joshua Morris + Sarah Bryant and family

Nanticoke & Pittsburgh, 1885 – 1944

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Robert Bryant + Sarah James and family

in England, Wales, and the usa, 1844 – 1927
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children of Robert & Sarah Bryant

Annie (Bryant) Locke, Eleanor (Bryant) Jenkins,
Martha (Bryant) Richards, John Bryant,
Alice (Bryant) Jenkins, Naomi (Bryant) Cook,
& Thomas Bryant
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children of Joshua & Sarah Morris

Eleanor (Morris) Bair, Robert John Morris,
Sarah (Morris) Kleinhample, Joshua Morris Jr.,
Thomas Bryant Morris Sr., Raymond Arthur Morris Sr.,
Ruth Mildred (Morris) Jones, & Clyde Winston Morris

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Dear family

This website explores the genealogy and history of my Great-Great-Grandparents – John & Matilda (Williams) Morris and Robert & Sarah (James) Bryant – as well as their children, and their children’s families. While particular attention is paid to my own Great-Grandparents, Joshua Morris and Sarah Bryant, their family and descendants, this research extends to the entire lineage of both sets of Great-Great-Grandparents.

Even a partial list of surnames is expansive, but in the interest of flagging down anyone doing an online search, here is one which includes, in genealogical terms, lineal and collateral descendant names, and the maiden names of female spouses: 

Morris, Williams, Bryant, James, Bair, Harrison, Patch, Stewart, Wittmer, Nypaver, Graff, Porter, Edwards, Kleinhample, Schneider, Anuszkiewicz, Gottlieb, Gilley, Baker, Shaulis, Jurinko, Kitchens, Jones, Myler, Simcox, Morgan, Locke, Jenkins, Richards, Honey, Whitson, Cook, Gregory, Jackson, Maddock, Iffland, Hughes, Fryer, Swalm, Redpath, Lewis, Gartland, Brest, Wolton, Boothby, Henderson, Ridley, Christen, Mort, Espey, Boyer, Stevens, Fletcher, Perry, Gierling, Fulford, Reagle, Leslie, Barbour, Ryan… 

Many people have contributed invaluable time and resources to this effort, providing documents, photographs, and memories. In particular I would like to thank Tom Bryant Morris II, Sue Gottlieb, Neil Stevens, Bill Morris, Heather Rosborough, Thomas “Tim” Harrison Morris, Maureen Corio, Jim Morris, and my dad, Ray Morris. 

Please feel welcome to send me any feedback, corrections, or suggestions that you may have. This is a large undertaking and new details are always emerging. You may know something that I do not. This story is far from complete and I will continue to update and add things over time.

You can use the Contact link to send a message, or I can be reached directly at:

Thank you and enjoy.

– Scott Morris

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